Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Sacrifice of Polyxena

Charles Le Brun

Venus and the Lute Player


Mars and Venus United by Love

Paolo Veronese

The Imperial Eagle

Hans Burgkmair

Venus with Libra and Taurus, from The Seven Planets

Hans Burgkmair

The Judgment of Paris

Lucas Cranach the Elder

Nymph of the Spring

Lucas Cranach the Younger

Diana the Huntress

Giampietrino Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli

Eve with Cain and Abel

Francesco d'Ubertino Verdi Bachiacca


Guido Reni

The Fall and the Expulsion from Paradise

Jean Limbourg


Jean Colombe

The Golden Age

Joachim von Sandrart

The Natchez

Eugène Delacroix

The Rape of Tamar

Eustache Le Sueur

The Toilet of Venus

François Boucher

Death of Ophelia

Eugène Delacroix

Mercury and Herse

Giovanni Battista Lodi da Cremona

Venus and the Nymphs Lamenting the Death of Adonis

Luca Cambiasi

Diana and Actaeon

Bartholomeus Spranger

The Holy Family

Joos van Cleve

The Witches

Hans Baldung Grien



Satyrs and Nymphs

Joseph Heintz the Elder

Minerva and the Muses

Andrea Medulic Schiavone

Hercules chasing Avarice from the Temple of the Muses

Ugo da Carpi

Virgin and Child


Hercules defeating the river god Acheolus in the form of a bull

Jacopo Caraglio

Satyr Playing a Lyre, with a Sleeping Nymph


Juno standing in a niche

Jacopo Caraglio

Apollo sitting on Parnassus surrounded by the muses and famous poets

Marcantonio Raimondi

Moses Striking the Rock

Abraham Bloemaert

Virgin and Child

Joos van Cleve

Diana, mythological gods and goddesses

Jacopo Caraglio

Jupiter and Juno: Study for the 'Furti di Giove' Tapestries

Perino del Vaga

The Fall of Phaeton

Hendrik Goltzius


Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino - Raphael

The Muses at the Foot of Mt. Parnassus

Antonio Fantuzzi

Bather in the Woods

Camille Pissarro

Venus Italica




Oedipus and the Sphinx

Gustave Moreau

Venus removing a thorn from her left foot

Marco Dente da Ravenna

Standing Nude Female Figure

Carlo Cignani

The Judgment of Paris

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino - Raphael

Woman with a Parrot

Gustave Courbet

The Woman in the Waves

Gustave Courbet

The Young Bather

Gustave Courbet

Venus and Cupid

Nikolaus Knüpfer

Allegory of Music

Laurent de La Hyre

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden

Charles-Joseph Natoire

Venus and Adonis

Peter Paul Rubens

Pygmalion and Galatea

Jean-Léon Gérôme