Venus and Cupid

Jacob de Gheyn II

Pan punished by the Nymphs

Jacob Jordaens

The Fall of Man

Cornelis van Haarlem

Naked Man and Woman

Jacob van Loo

Bacchic scene

Jacob van Loo

Lot and his daughters

Hendrik Goltzius

Naked Woman Seated on a Mound


A Nymph Dancing to a Shepherd's Flute

Adriaen van der Werff

Amorous Couple in a Park Spied upon by Children

Adriaen van der Werff


Hendrik Goltzius

Jupiter en Semele

Marco Dente da Ravenna

Joseph and the wife of Potiphar

Giovanni Felice Ramelli

Aeneas Receiving a New Set of Armour from Venus

Ferdinand Bol

Pharoah's Daughter Discovers Moses in the Rush Basket

Ferdinand Bol

Venus and Adonis

Ferdinand Bol

Marriage of Messaline and Gaius Silius

Nikolaus Knüpfer

Bacchus and Diana

Hendrick van Balen

The Continence of Scipio

Karel van Mander

A shepherdess

Paulus Moreelse