Art Inspiration

Moses striking water from the rock

Gillis Mostaert

The Ascension of the Elect, Paradise

Dieric Bouts

The Last Judgement

Jacob de Backer

The Last Judgement

Jacob Adriaensz Backer

The Last Judgment Polyptych

Rogier van der Weyden

The Great Flood

Joachim Wtewael

The Golden Age

Virgil Solis

Probatica Piscina


The Purification of the Midianite Virgins


The Golden Age

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Moses Striking the Rock

Abraham Bloemaert

Discovery of Moses

Paul Peel

Spirit of God Divides the Light from the Darkness

Hendrik Goltzius

Creation of Waters and Dry Land

Hendrik Goltzius

Creation of Sun and Moon

Hendrik Goltzius

Creation of the Firmament and the Division of the Waters

Jan Harmensz. Muller

Shepherds: Annunciation

Giulio Clovio (Juraj Julije Klović)