Art Inspiration

Landscape with antique ruins and bathing women

Lambert Sustris

Tankard with a bathing scene

Leonhard Kern

Bathing Women


The Two Daughters of Akhenaten


Women Bathing

Abraham Bloemaert

Aeneas at the Entrance to the Elysian Fields

Dosso Dossi

The four times of day: Evening

Claude Joseph Vernet

After a bath

Károly Lotz

Bathing woman

Károly Lotz

The Tempyo Era

Shigeru Aoki


Jean-Baptiste Pater

Toilet of the young woman


Nude Bather

Francesco Hayez

The Goose Girl

Jean-François Millet

Bathers (The Secret)

Henri Fantin-Latour

The Source

Henri Fantin-Latour